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Ancorex Post Kits

Price: From $190.80 to $276.30
Manufacturer: Harald Nordin SA

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Ancorex®, the Ultimate Titanium Post
  • Material: 99.6% Pure titanium. Titanium has no chemical reaction, no corrosion and is very lightweight and strong. Titanium is tissue compatible and is the most recommended metal for human implants.
  • Shape: Cylindrical-conical. 2/3 of length is cylindrical for best retention. Apical 1/3 of length is 3° conical to avoid stress in the apex area of the root.
  • Design: Thread designed to give retention when screwed or cemented in. Slot along threaded part allows excess cement to escape. Slot around head provides mechanical retention to build-up material with cross cut for using either hollow or cross key.
  • Versatile: Can be used as a screw in post or a cemented post. Available in 6 sizes and four lengths and kits. Matching reamers; use same size reamer for screwed in post and one size larger for cemented post.
Kit consists of 20x5 posts and two keys available with or without reamers and stand.

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