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MSRP: $99.99
Price: $89.00
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Item Number: LM-001
Manufacturer: MedicNRG
Manufacturer Part No: LM-001
LumiNRG - Illuminated Mirror - Two in One 

Introducing a new level of bright light inside the oral cavity and provides dental professionals with a whole new level of comfort. 

• Brilliant Light: The simplicity of the device is brilliant, literally and metaphorically. The bright LED light introduces a new level of light into the dark oral cavity, giving the dental professionals a whole new level of comfort. A bright, focused and miniature light which can reduce the need to use the bulky overhead lights. 

• Multiple Functions: The LumiNRG can perform different functions, by using the different colored LEDs that can be interchanged. In order to diagnose external cracks in the tooth, attach the Blue LED. The bright white LED or the orange LED can support curing processes. The white LED for faster curing, the orange LED for slower curing. 

• Adaptable: LumiNRG is designed to be used with standard threaded or unthreaded mirrors. Based on a new patent which enables the adjustment of the mirror to any angle or depth from the light. 

• Versatile: In addition to use with standard mirrors, the LumiNRG can also be used with many different tips and instruments, providing they are of a standard 3 mm threaded diameter. Scalers, pluggers and other tips can easily be attached to the LumiNRG. The desired instrument's angle can be adjusted for optimizing the light source. 

• Autoclavable! The LumiNRG's illumination head can be placed directly into the autoclave along with the other dental tools.. There is no need to detach the mirror or other instrument prior to sterilization. The battery pack must be detached. 

• Long Life: Hundreds of treatments with a constant light intensity. Uses only 1 standard AAA battery 

• Hands Free: Say goodbye to the bulky and inconvenient overhead light. No longer will dental professionals have to adjust and re-adjust the large overhead light during the procedure. 

• Minimal Size: The LumiNRG ensures that virtually no extra space will be taken up in the already limited space of the oral cavity and is especially helpful when working on the remote molar teeth.

Packaged in kit of one battery pack and two illumination heads.

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