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Luxator Titanium

Price: From $165.30 to $186.20
Manufacturer: Directa AB

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Preserved bone integrity and dramatically less trauma for you, your patients and their dentition.

Luxator Periotomes are the preferred instrument for performing extractions.

These instruments were invented by a Swedish dentist to make extractions as trauma free as possible. He developed subtleties in the design that only a practicing dentist would appreciate. With an acclaimed ergonomic handle, the Luxator instruments are discernably different.

Luxator Periotomes are specially designed periodontal ligament knives with fine tapering blades that compress the alveolar bone, cut the membrane and gently ease the tooth from its socket. The whole operation is performed with minimum tissue damage.

Luxator Titanium is a Luxator that is titanium coated and does not need to be sharpened.
Available in 2mm & 3mm Straight, 3mm Angled and 3/1.5mm Dual Edge.

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